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Today’s teens have a new look available if their teeth are need of orthodontic corrections. Traditional orthodontic metal braces are still used to improve newly developed smiles, but now there is a new alternative to consider if you are looking for help for your teen’s smile. Invisalign Teen® is answer if you are looking for corrections on your teen’s teeth without the noticeable metal braces primary the only option in the past. Invisalign Teen® uses clear aligners that are removable and easy to use. The Invisalign aligners can be removed while eating and allow the user to eat whatever they choose. Cleaning of teeth with brushing and flossing is much easier when the aligners are removed. This will lead to better overall oral health by not adding an additional obstacle of cleaning around metal braces attached to teeth. Zen Triangle Dentistry for Invisalign Teen Cary, NC.

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Invisalign Teen® uses a series of clear plastic aligners for the top or bottom teeth that are in need of orthodontic correction. The aligners or trays are then progressively changed until the desired positions of the teeth are completed. Each set is custom made to fit the patient and starts with their existing teeth placement and ends at the desired movement of the teeth. Trays are normally changed every few weeks and move the teeth slowly until the next tray is introduced. This procedure works with small movements and with time, the results are achieved and noticeable.Invisalign Teen Cary NC

The clear aligners used in Invisalign Teen® are the clear alternative to braces. The nearly invisible trays allow your teen to make needed corrections to their smile but done in a manner that is mostly unnoticed by their peers. Traditional braces still have specific applications that may be needed, but if possible, the application of these new clear aligners may be a choice for some teens. The trays are normally worn 22 hours a day and can be taken out for eating and cleaning purposes. The trays also allow for removal for photos and special occasions on a as needed basis. Invisalign Teen® allow a more flexible and less noticeable way to improve your teen’s smile. The clear aligners are also more comfortable in the mouth and have less a chance of cutting cheek and lips as traditional braces. There are also less dental office trips for adjustments as needed for traditional braces.

Invisalign Teen® has technology designed to help assure the proper length of use daily for the trays. The aligners come with a compliance indicator that changed color over time to show that the aligners have been worn for the appropriate needed time. The aligners also have eruption tabs to help with movement needed for teeth that have not fully grown in. Because of the technology in these new orthodontic aligners and the nearly invisible choice, Invisalign Teen® may be your best choice.

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