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Seeing your dentist every six months for a dental exam and cleaning is an important part of your good dental health. These visits are normally covered if you have dental insurance and our office offers options for patients with no insurance. Call Zen Triangle Dentistry for teeth cleaning Cary, NC.Dental Teeth Cleaning Cary

Preventative dental care helps identify any potential problems with your teeth and allows timely attention to correct them. If you do not have a family dentist or it has been awhile since you have had your bi-annual checkup schedule a visit today. We will help get back to regular checkups with teeth cleaning, dental x-rays and an exam to check your current dental health.

    • Dental Exams

    • Teeth Cleaning

    • Dental X-rays

Dental exams and teeth cleaning are a good foundation for good oral health. Good oral health is a continuing goal with benefits that far out way the time needed for the checkup visits. Dental exams will help keep your teeth healthy and reduce any cavities or tooth loss. These visits will also go a long way in preventing gum disease.

Teeth cleaning is an important part of your overall dental health and the office of Zen Triangle Dentistry offers comprehensive preventative dental services to patients in Cary, NC.

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