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Root canal therapy, also known as endodontic therapy, has a reputation for being a painful procedure. In reality, however, a root canal is often administered with minimal discomfort thanks to today’s modern dental techniques and technologies. At Zen Triangle Dentistry in Cary NC, we have the experience and training to provide gentle and effective root canal Cary, NC in a caring, comfortable environment. During treatment, the diseased inner tissue of a tooth is removed to repair the tooth that is badly decayed or infected. The procedure is relatively simple — involving just a few trips to our Cary office. Best of all, a root canal can save your tooth!

Root Canal Cary NC

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Root Canal Therapy

Saving a tooth with root canal treatment is always preferred over extracting the tooth. There are many advantages to having root canal treatment, including:

  • Root canal treatment saves the tooth from extraction.
    In the past, if you had a tooth with a diseased pulp, the tooth would usually fall out or require extraction. Thanks to root canal treatment, the diseased portion of the tooth is removed so that your natural tooth can be saved.
  • Root canal treatment preserves your natural teeth.
    Root canal therapy performed by a qualified endodontist in Cary, NC will restore your teeth to their normal appearance and function. That means no missing teeth or gaps in your smile.
  • Root canal treatment alleviates pain.
    An infected tooth can be quite uncomfortable, making it painful to chew food and eat. With root canal treatment, the diseased tissue is removed to prevent the infection from spreading and to stop the pain.
  • Root canal treatment doesn’t hurt.
    Root canals can be performed under the careful administration of anesthesia, making the procedure virtually pain-free. In fact, the infected tooth is typically more uncomfortable than undergoing the root canal procedure.

Signs You Need a Root Canal

The best way to determine whether you need a root canal is to visit your dentist for an exam. Signs that may point to a diseased tooth or infected nerve include:

  • Tooth pain ranging from mild to severe
  • Discoloration of the tooth
  • Swelling and tenderness in the surrounding gum tissue
  • Extreme, prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold temperature
  • Pain upon chewing or biting

Symptoms may not always be noticeable or present. Thus, it is important to visit your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. When an infected tooth is detected early, it has the best chance of being saved with root canal therapy.

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FAQ – People Often Ask

Is it worth it to have a root canal to save an infected tooth?

A root canal procedure can save the existing tooth and remove any damaged or infected areas and is an avenue to avoid a having a dental extraction.

Do I need both a root canal and then also a dental crown?

After a root canal has been performed, it is recommended to have a dental crown placed on top of the tooth to add strength and help avoid any possible damage to the tooth from its use.

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