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Dental Exams Cary, NC


Good dental health starts with preventative dental exams. Routine dental examinations per American association of dentistry is recommended every 6 months along with cleaning. At your comprehensive and routine dental examination visit, we will thoroughly evaluate for any cavities in your teeth, health of your gums or presence of periodontal (gum) disease, any lesions associated with oral cancer and factors contributing your bad breath. Contact Zen Triangle Dentistry for dental exams Cary, NC

Preventative Dental Exam Cary

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Preventative Dental Care

Our team is here to help you educate about prevention of dental diseases and maintaining optimal oral health. Appropriate type of cleaning will be recommended based on detailed examination. Cleaning in our office is performed using hand instruments and also ultrasonic scaler to remove plaque and tartar build up underneath gum tissue to prevent gum disease, bone loss, tooth decay and bad breath. We use low radiation using up to date digital technology to take necessary x-rays to detect for any problems and help you to prevent problems before they worsen. Based on all the collected information and patient desires, we create a customize treatment plan for each and every patient to better serve their needs efficiently and in timely manner.

New Patient Dental Exams in Cary, NC

Zen Triangle Dentistry offers new and existing patients dental care with complete dental exams. Our patients come to us from Cary, Clayton, Garner, Raleigh, Apex, holly Springs and nearby locations. We also provide oral cancer screening for early detection of cancer, fluoride treatment to prevent tooth decay and periodic teeth cleaning to prevent gum disease

FAQ – People Often Ask

How often should I have a dental exam?

Most dentists recommend having routine dental exams and check-ups every 6 months with dental cleanings. 

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At Zen Triangle Dentistry our trained staff and dentist can help you choose the right cosmetic options to help you find your smile.