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Dental Insurance


At Zen Triangle Dentistry, we make every effort to provide personalized care and help you address your dental needs with the most convenient financial options.  To accomplish this, our office will work closely with you to maximize your dental insurance reimbursement for covered services.

Please inform us of any changes in your dental insurance policy and bring your information with you to your dental visits so we can expedite reimbursement. As a courtesy to our patient, we will file to your insurance for you. Please remember, you are fully responsible for all fees charged by our office regardless of your insurance coverage.  Payment in full is expected at the time at which service is rendered.

Our insurance experts will be happy to contact your insurance companies to provide you with estimates and other covered services. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Care Credit cards. If you have any questions, please call Zen team at (919) 465-0799 or email us at [email protected].

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Zen Triangle Dentistry Dental Savings Plan

No dental insurance? We have a perfect and affordable solution for you!

Our affordable dental savings plan will help you achieve excellent dental care at minimal cost to you!

Benefits of our savings plan compared to Dental insurance:

  • No deductible and No yearly maximus limits.
  • No pre-authorizations required for dental treatment
  • No waiting periods or pre-existing exclusions
  • No claim forms are needed.

Zen Triangle Dentistry Savings Plan includes:

Preventive/Examination Treatment:

Following services will be covered at 100% if you join dental savings plan!

  • New patient will receive comprehensive exam
  • Periodic Exam with each cleaning visit (Two per Year)
  • Limited Oral Exam (One per Year)
  • Adult Cleaning** (Two per year)
  • Child Cleaning** (Two per Year)
  • Fluoride (One per Year)
  • Full mouth series or Panoramic x-ray (One every 3-5 years)
  • Bitewings (One set per Year)
  • Periapical x-rays (As needed)

This indicates that it is only valid for prophylaxis in the absence periodontal (gum) disease which would require deep cleaning (full mouth debridement, scaling and root planing). For treatment of gum disease (periodontal treatment), it will be considered under additional services for which 10% discount will be applied.

Additional Services

10% discount provided for ALL other services not requiring lab fees.

Membership Premiums

Prices are calculated at a yearly rate and are paid in full for each member when becoming a member, and are as follows:

1st Family member: $349

2nd Family member: an additional $299
(Total = $648.00)

3rd Family member: an additional $249
(Total = $897.00)

4th or additional Family  member: an additional $199 each

Terms and Limitations of the Plan

Family members cannot be substituted in for another family member. Your effective date is the day you sign up and your renewal date is the same date every year. Cleanings must be performed before the end of coverage date. This is a dental Discount plan and is NOT dental insurance. It cannot be combined with any other dental insurance. Co-payment is due at time of service for any work received. Rate are subject to change annually. Membership dues are not refundable. Children are covered until age 18 or the age of 25 if enrolled full time in college. Membership is good only Zen Triangle Dentistry. Hence, if you are referred to a specialist, discounts will not apply at their office.

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