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Welcome to Zen Triangle Dentistry – Cary, NC


At Zen Triangle Dentistry, our goal is to serve the entire family with passion, patience and transparent communication, offering quality dental care in Cary, NC. We take the time to educate our patients about available treatment options, so you can make an informed decision.


Dr. Juliya Vaghani

Dr. Juliya Vaghani, a top dentist in Cary, NC, earned her doctorate in dentistry from UNC Chapel Hill School of Dentistry. She continues to learn and stay up to date in the field of dentistry by furthering her education with the Spears program as well as being an active member in the North Carolina Dental Society, American Dental Association and Academy of General Dentistry.


Dr. Juliya Vaghani Cary NC


Veneers are restorations offered by our dentist in Cary, NC, designed to cover the front surface of your tooth. While they can improve function, they’re generally used to enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile.

Crowns, sometimes referred to as “caps,” help protect teeth by rebuilding them to their optimal shape and function. They’re an excellent choice for teeth that have large fillings due to decay, root canal treated teeth, cracks or fractures that can propagate placing the tooth at risk for a fracture.

If you’re looking for the top dentist in Cary, NC specializing in dentistry for kids, our team is highly trained and experienced in working with children. We treat a wide range of complex childhood oral health problems and can help your child maintain optimal oral health.

Dental implants have the ability to replace a single missing tooth or multiple teeth. Additionally, they may be used to support existing dentures in some cases.

Fillings have become a popular alternative to traditional amalgam metal fillings, but our patients prefer tooth-colored material for its aesthetic appeal and superior function while mimicking the tooth’s natural shape.

Orthodontic treatments create a more attractive smile for our patients and can alleviate dental issues resulting from misaligned teeth. Our dentist in Cary, NC also works with clear aligners (Invisalign) to help you achieve your goals.

Root canal treatment is needed when the nerve of a tooth has been damaged by injury or decay. This procedure helps save your tooth and restores function.

Our team provides in-office whitening and custom-made bleaching trays to brighten your teeth and improve aesthetics.

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The Zen Triangle Dentistry Difference

At Zen Triangle Dentistry, our philosophy is to build strong, trusting relationships with every patient by providing personalized, exceptional dental care in Cary, NC.

Just a few of the elements that make our practice stand out include:

  • Experienced dentist and a supportive dental team: Not only do we have an experienced dentist in Cary, NC, but our team members are also well-trained and exceptional at their jobs. Our office manager, dental hygienist, dental assistants and insurance coordinator all offer the best service to our patients.
  • Cutting-edge dental techniques: Our staff stays current within the dental industry, and we work to provide our patients with the latest dental techniques and technology.
  • Patient education: Our team will go the extra mile to ensure you understand your options and what will be done to your teeth. We’ll also work to educate you on the best oral practices to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.
  • Emergency care: We understand that sometimes emergencies happen, and they don’t always occur during office hours. We’re proud to offer emergency care to our patients to treat serious problems as quickly as possible.

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If you’re looking for the top dentist in Cary, NC, consider Zen Triangle Dentistry. We offer dental treatment for patients of every age, and when visiting our office, you’ll always be treated like family. Email or call to schedule your appointment today!


Doctor Vaghani is extremely knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to ensure you fully understand what is going to be done to your teeth before it’s done. She provides the best care possible. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I wasn’t sure what to expect when the practice was acquired, but I was pleasantly surprised with the result!

Ryan Coyne

Dr. Vaghani is very patient and gentle when it comes to dental care.  She is very thorough in explaining the procedure and was very gentle. I was extremely pleased with my experience at her office and I would recommend her to anyone without any doubts.


This office is great! I love the atmosphere and service they provide! I couldn’t be happier with the services I received. Dr. Vaghani and her staff are the best!

Rashida Cooper

I took my kids to Dr. Vaghani for 6 month cleaning appointment and exam with Dr. Vaghani.  Entire team took great care of  my kids from beginning to the end.  She is very informative and has a lot of patience for kids. My kids absolutely loved her!!!


Awesome…I was relaxed and most of all Dr Vaghani “Zen” didn’t hurt me. Atmosphere is so pleasant. Staff are Amazing. Dr. Zen explained everything.

Cynthia Judd


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