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Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting Cary, NC


Bone grafting is required to help replace and enhance bone around teeth. When a tooth is lost, surrounding bone collapses. Dental bone grafts help to prevent collapse of the bone quickly once the tooth is lost. Contact Zen Triangle Dentistry for bone grafting Cary, NC.

Bone Grafting Cary NC

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Dental Bone Graft 

A dental bone graft can be done to an area in the mouth where a tooth used to be or any area where there is bone loss. This is often the first step in replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant. With a bone graft, bone can be taken from one area of the mouth and transferred to needed site. Synthetic or sterile bone harvested and treated from other source can also be used. Once placed, area is given time to heal during which graft solidifies and permanently blend into the natural bone tissue. Once completed, damaged bone will have regained more stability to allow for further treatment such as dental implant. Proper care of gum disease is a good practice for the long-term functioning of tooth. Zen Triangle Dentistry offering bone grafting Cary, NC.

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