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Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery Cary, NC


Zen Triangle Dentistry offers a variety of general dental surgery options for patients in Cary, NC and surrounding communities. Our friendly and skilled dental staff is here to make any needed dental surgery performed with the utmost care. We have a variety of services available in office to save you the time and trouble of being sent to another dental specialist for a specific procedure. You can trust our dental office to handle all facets of your overall dental health including dental implants and any dental surgery Cary, NC.

Dental Surgery Cary NC

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In-Office Surgery Procedures

Our in office dental surgery procedures include, tooth extractions & dental implants, root canal therapy, wisdom teeth removal and dental trauma. Zen Triangle Dentistry can complete all of these dental surgery procedures in the comfort of our modernly designed dental office.

Root Canals, Exractions, Endodontist Treatments

Endodontist treatment is offered for damaged tissue, pulp and the root of a tooth that is painful or infected. Root canal treatment is done in office and can be scheduled to alleviate discomfort associated with the infection. A root canal therapy helps save your existing tooth structure with the help of a dental crown after the procedure.

Missing teeth or teeth that are in need of extraction can be replaced with a permanent dental implant, abatement and dental crown. Dental implants are a solution that is a true replacement for a tooth that no longer can be saved and needs replaced. An implant post is placed into the jawbone and the with an abatement a crown is placed on-top to replace the tooth.

Wisdom teeth or your third molars can grow in as your teeth mature and can sometimes interfere or misplace other teeth in your mouth. They may grow in at an awkward angle and present with pain or produce the need to have them removed. Wisdom teeth surgery performed in our practice can elevate pain and correct damage associated with wisdom teeth.

Dental Surgery in Cary, NC

Contact Zen Triangle Dentistry to schedule dental surgery and let our dentist and staff help with all your dental needs. We’re dedicated to offering the latest technology, state-of-the-art facilities and dental professionals who treat you like family. If you’re ready for any needed dental surgery, call Zen Triangle Dentistry today.

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