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Dental Implants

Get a healthier smile today! Zen Triangle Dentistry offers dental implants at their Cary, NC location.

Dental implants are placed in areas of missing tooth to help preserve bone that would be lost when a tooth is lost. They help to

  • Restore mouth to optimal function.
  • Increase or restore aesthetics.
  • Stabilize the surrounding bone, gum tissue and teeth substituting the root structure of the missing tooth.
  • Prevent serious complications that can arise if missing tooth is left untreated.

Our patients come to us from Cary, Clayton, Garner, Raleigh, Apex, holly Springs and nearby locations, too!

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What to Expect

Multiple Appointments

It usually requires multiple appointments to complete a dental implant placement. First, the site is prepared for placing a dental implant. Second, implant body is placed into the bone along with special healing cap.

A Healing Period

Site is then allowed to heal for stable footing for replacement of missing tooth.

Follow-up Visits & Crowning

At a subsequent visit, the area is checked for healing and when it is ready for the crown to be placed, our team will inform you.

With implant placement complete, your tooth is restored for optimal shape and function while continuing to stabilize, protect and preserve the surrounding tissue.

How to care for your dental implant?

Taking proper care of the implant is very important in maintaining good oral health and to ensure success and longevity of implant. In many ways, caring for dental implant is similar to caring for your natural teeth.

Implant restoration is composed of three parts:

    1. Implant
    2. Connecting abutment
    3. Implant supported crown

It is critical when cleaning that these parts will not be damaged.

Be sure to brush your dental implant at and below the gum line similar to natural tooth. It is also important to use floss or interdental brush in between neighboring teeth.

Regular cleaning of the implant will help prevent plaque buildup that can cause inflammation of the gums which can lead to implant related gum disease which can potentially result in loss of the implant if left untreated.

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