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Endodontics Cary, NC


Zen Triangle Dentistry is constantly working to offer to additional dentistry services in house to meet our dental patient’s needs. This includes specialty services that normally most dental offices refer patients to when a procedure is called for that is outside of their practice areas. We at Zen Triangle Dentistry feel that it is helpful to offer as many quality specialties services in house to allow the patient to feel comfortable in a dental location that they visit regularly. Our dental practice offers in-house services for endodontics Cary, NC.

Endodontics Cary NC

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Endodontic Treatments

We are proud to now offer endodontic services in our office as needed for our patients. These endodontic services may include root canals, microsurgery to the root, treatment for cracked teeth and children’s and emergency services due to trauma to the teeth, gums, pulp or bone surrounding the teeth. These endodontic treatments are designed to save your original teeth and eliminate the need to replace the natural tooth with a dental implant or other dental procedures. Endodontic dental services also include dental implants if the affected tooth cannot be saved. Hidden fractures or cracks in teeth and damaged root or bone can be identified and treated with endodontic surgery.


Why You May Need to See a Endodontist in Cary

Cracked teeth are one of the common reasons for a dental patient to seek the advice of an endodontist. Pain associated with a cracked tooth is a symptom that leads to the diagnosis that treatment is needed. If left untreated a cracked tooth can lead to further damage to the tooth, tissue, gum and bone surrounding the tooth. An endodontist can identify and treat this condition to improve your overall dental health.

An apicoectomy is a procedure to treat infected or inflamed tissue and gum areas surrounding the tip of the root of the affected tooth. The procedure exposes the tissue and bone area that is inflamed and then the bad tissue is removed to allow for proper healing of the area.

Endodontic Retreatment

Endodontic retreatment may be necessary if the area originally treated still presents with dental pain and there may be additional areas that need warrant retreatment. This procedure could also be needed if the original treatment area does not heal properly. Root canals are one of the most treatments for teeth that are infected, cracked or have deep dental decay. In a root canal the infected pulp is removed, the area is cleaned and then a permanent seal is placed on the tooth. This allows the patient the ability to save their natural teeth and forgo additional cosmetic dental procedures.

Endodontist Services in Cary, NC

Zen Triangle Dentistry endodontic treatments allow us to examine, treat and keep your existing teeth as part of your overall dental health. Our patients come to us from Cary, Clayton, Garner, Raleigh, Apex, holly Springs and nearby locations.

FAQ – People Often Ask

Should I have my dentist or an endodontist do my root canal?

Many dentists are comfortable doing a simple root canal while teeth with more extensive damage may need an endodontist to perform the procedure.

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