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Damaged or Cracked Tooth

Chipped Tooth Cary, NC


Seeking help for a damaged or broken tooth is important and should not be delayed. Teeth that have been broken or chipped have the possibility of becoming infected and having dental decay. There is also the possibility of losing the tooth if left untreated. Emergency dental care is available in Cary to treat the broken or chipped teeth and have various options depending on the severity of the damage. Some chips or breaks can be repaired quickly with an in office dental visit while others may need more extensive procedures. Contact the office of Zen Triangle Dentistry for chipped tooth Cary, NC.

Chipped Tooth Cary NC

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Broken Tooth

For smaller chips of the tooth a dental bonding or filling make be enough to make lasting repairs to the tooth. If the break is larger a crown or dental cap could be utilized to repair the tooth. Caps can be used if there is still a stable root and some remaining tooth while a dental crown can be done after a root canal or if needed a dental implant and crown if the root is damaged.
Dental X-Rays are used to examine the extent of damage to the tooth, root and surrounding bone area. Dental veneers are another option for repair to stable but chipped or broken teeth. The final option would be root canal therapy which may be needed if the pulp is exposed due to the tooth damage. If untreated the tooth could become infected and a tooth extraction may be needed.

Damaged Tooth Dentist

You have options for dental treatment of a broken or chipped tooth. Contact us at Zen Triangle Dentistry to schedule an emergency dental appointment for our dentist and staff to examine and chart the best course of action to make the needed dental repairs. Damaged, chipped or broken teeth in Cary treated quickly and professionally.

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