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Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride Treatments Cary, NC


Fluoride treatments help in the prevention of cavities and tooth decay with patients that show signs of weak enamel or teeth. Most people need additional fluoride to supplement their daily use of fluoride toothpaste. Research has shown that professional fluoride applications help ensure healthy dental health and tooth enamel. Call Zen Triangle Dentistry for dental fluoride treatments Cary, NC.

Fluoride Treatment Cary

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Professional Fluoride Treatements

These fluoride treatments brighten your smile and keep your teeth looking great, while promoting long-term oral health benefits.  The most effective prevention of tooth decay available is fluoride.  Fluoride is a mineral that can be absorbed into the tooth and dental experts agree it is one of the most important tools in fighting tooth decay.  Professional fluoride treatments act as a barrier. It kills and wards off bacteria, thus preventing decay and disease in your teeth.  It strengthens tooth enamel, and supplements the fluoride in water you drink, and other naturally occurring fluoride.  In our Cary office, the fluoride treatment may consist of a gel, foam, or sealant.  Fluoride treatments are a painless a way to protect your smile and keep your teeth healthy and sparkling

Prevent Tooth Decay

Fluoride treatments are preventative dental care.  This means a fluoride treatment can prevent cavities or decay. It can help to lessen sensitivity in your teeth, and is a protective coating for hard-to-reach places in the mouth, where you may not be able to brush with fluoridated toothpastes well.  Professional fluoride treatments at the Cary dental office of Zen Triangle Dentistry will keep your teeth protected from bacteria on a microscopic level.  Even your crowns and bridges can benefit from this preventative measure.  The fluoride stops bacteria from getting into the small crevices in your crowns or bridgework.  Both children and adults may benefit from fluoride treatments.

Fluoride Treatments in Cary,NC

If you have dry mouth or gum disease, fluoride is a good idea both to lubricate the mouth and treat the areas that have been exposed to bacteria due to receding gums or gum disease.  Often, after having your teeth cleaned, you may request to have a fluoride treatment done immediately afterward.  Your Cary fluoride treatment dentist can educate you on what type of treatment they use and all the benefits for you.

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