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Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening Cary, NC


The restorative dental procedure of crown lengthening is used to help position the gum line to a healthly location. There are two different types of crown lengthening procedures. Functional crown lengthening is used to reduce the gum line in conjunction with restorative dental procedures. The second is esthetic crown lengthening, this helps improve the cosmetic appearance from a gummy smile. Contact Zen Triangle Dentistry for crown lengthening Cary, NC.

Crown Lengthening Cary NC

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Crown Lengthening in Cary, NC

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure completed to improve esthetics of the tooth and provide sufficient tooth structure to support a restoration by exposing an additional healthy tooth structure. Doctor will access the area below the gum line increasing the amount of tooth material exposed by modifying surrounding bone and tissue effectively. This type of procedure is performed not only for esthetic reasons to help address gummy smile, but also provide functional foundation to properly restore a tooth. 

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