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Non-Surgical Root Canals

Non-Surgical Root Canals Cary, NC


Every year, millions of teeth are successfully treated with root canal therapy. At Zen Triangle Dentistry, we offer our patients the ability to get a quality root canal in Cary to relieve pain and make sure teeth are once again healthy and strong. Peridontal disease may lead to root canal procedures. Ask our dentist about a non-surgical root canals Cary, NC.

Non Surgical Root Canals Cary NC

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Non-Surgical Root Canals

Root canals are performed if the nerve of your tooth has been damaged or infected. A root canal is designed to help save your tooth, restoring it to its natural function.

The procedure involves numbing the area before treatment. Then, an opening in the tooth is created to allow your dentist to access the pulp inside. The infected tissue is removed, and the canal is disinfected. The pulp chamber is then filled, and the opening is filled and sealed. Later, your tooth will likely require a crown or cap to keep it protected.


Benefits of Nonsurgical Techniques for a Root Canal

The most significant benefit of using nonsurgical root canals to treat your tooth is the ability to save your natural tooth instead of pulling it and requiring an implant or bridge to replace the lost tooth.

Do root canals hurt? You can rest assured that techniques are used to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. In fact, most people don’t experience any discomfort at all during their root canal.

Another benefit of a nonsurgical root canal is its success rate. This type of endodontic treatment is successful in more than 90 percent of cases. While it’s not the right choice for every situation, it’s an excellent alternative to pulling a tooth for many people. A root canal with a crown restoration can last a lifetime, too, if you take care of it well and keep up with routine oral hygiene and deep teeth cleaning.


Non-Surgical Root Canal Therapy in Cary, NC

Zen Triangle Dentistry offers the best in dental care under the experienced hands of Dr. Juliya Vaghani. Not only does she have her doctorate in dentistry, but she continues her education to stay up to date on the latest dental technologies. When you visit our office for a root canal in Cary, you’ll be treated like family. Not only will our team keep you comfortable, but we’ll also do our best to ensure you have optimal oral health. Do you think you need a root canal? Contact our office today to determine if it’s the right treatment for your needs.

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