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Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays Cary, NC


The office of Zen Triangle Dentistry believes in using the latest technology to best serve our dental patients. New 3D Digital X-rays allow us to provide increased detail and a panoramic view of the patient’s mouth. These improved images allow our staff to better diagnose areas of concern and provide the best possible dental services. Consider Zen Triangle Dentistry for 3D Dental X-Rays Cary, NC

3D Digital X-rays Cary NC

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3D Dental X-Rays

3D dental x-rays scans perform a quick 360-degreee movement which reduces the need for retakes if the patient has moved during the x-ray. Our Pro-Max 3D equipment also reduces the x-ray radiation to make it one of the safest methods to record and identify dental images. With dental emergencies, a quick diagnosis and repair is important if the patient is experiencing pain.This 3D dental x-ray technology is very helpful with identifying emergency dental issues and the best possible plan of action. The Pro-Max equipment also allows us detailed images for wisdom teeth, implants and other endodontic applications. Cosmetic dental applications are improved with this new technology.


Latest Dental Technology

Zen Triangle Dentistry is always striving to offer the best available equipment and practices to all our patients. We want your dental experience and overall dental heath to all it can be. You can trust our dental practice to always offer the best dentist experience in Cary, NC.

FAQ – People Often Ask

When would I have a need for dental x-rays?

X-rays are taken when indicated in areas of concern and to maintain a continued dental record on these areas as needed. Preventative dental x-rays are taken with dental exams when covered by dental insurance or dental exam package.

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