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Same Day Dentures in Cary, NC

When in need of dentures, there are two popular options available. Today’s dental patients can choose from traditional dentures and the new option of next day dentures. With traditional dentures you will have any needed tooth extractions done and then wait up to two months for the area to heal. Then your mouth is sized for the new dentures and they are designed to fit your current dental condition. When all teeth are removed, the jawbone will recede, and this movement has to be considered when designing traditional dentures.

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Same day or next day dentures allow patients the option of not waiting without teeth for a couple of months or more before dentures are available to wear. This allows the patient to not miss out on day-to-day life as they may be uncomfortable without teeth during the traditional denture waiting period. The dentist will design the next day dentures with allowances given for bone movement and reduction of any swelling after extractions. The patient to be able to have a new great smile with functioning teeth is just a day. At Zen Triangle Dentistry we can discuss the traditional and next day denture chooses and help decide which option is better for you.

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