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Dental Health for Children

by | Jun 30, 2019 | Blog

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Dental hygiene and health is very important to children of all ages. Dental exams and cleanings are needed for children with baby teeth as well as when adult teeth start to come in. Having your children start with good dental habits is important and will help with good dental health as they grow. Teaching your child to floss and brush as part of their daily routine is important to start early. Having proper brushing skills will help reduce any build up and possible future cavities. Having your child feel comfortable with dental visits and cleanings will make going to the dentist easier as they grow. Good dental health starts with the experiences they have as children.

Your child’s diet is also an important part of their dental health. Too much candy or sugary drinks can lead to dental issues and cavities. Children should brush and floss after eating or drinking items with sugar to reduce effects on their teeth.

  • Children’s Dental Habits Cary NC
  • Daily Brushing
  • Daily Flossing
  • Six Month Dental Exams
  • Healthy Diet and Reduced Sugar Intake

Zen Triangle Dentistry is a family dental practice and offers dental services to both children and adults. Our practice is dedicated to providing the best possible dental experience with gentle care for children of all ages. We provide regular check-ups, preventative and restorative dental services and assist in proper brushing and flossing techniques. Let our caring staff assist in encouraging good dental hygiene habits and providing the proper dental services needed for your child.