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Dental Care for the Summer

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Dental Oral Hygiene

Summer is the time of the year that kids are out of school, parents are looking for a break from work and activities abound. It is important to continue to maintain your good dental habits to keep your teeth clean and healthy. When traveling, you want to bring along all the oral care items that you use in a normal day. Complementary dental items at hotels and resorts are nice to receive but may not have the same quality or results of the dental items you use daily at home. During summer you may be more active with outside activities or day trips and want to make sure you don’t miss proper oral care after eating or having drinks with sugar. Be prepared to have all the oral care items to bring along with you.

A good toothbrush and a travel case for the brush is the first item to consider. Make sure the toothbrush is ADA approved and has bristles that match you brush at home. Keeping the brush in a travel case will help in keeping it clean and sanitary. Fluoride toothpaste helps provide proper teeth cleaning as well as protection against any possible damage to your teeth. Flossing is also an important activity that should be done after eating to keep clean the areas between the teeth. Floss also comes in many various packages to make it easy to bring along with you.

So, as you become more active and are away from home more during summer, put together a dental travel bag with the items needed to continue your good oral care. Being prepared will make it easier to remember and use all the tools needed to keep your teeth looking and feeling great.