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Chipped Tooth Repair Cary

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Chipped Tooth



If you’ve been in an accident or suffered a sports injury, you may have fallen and hit your mouth in the process, chipping a tooth.  You might have a tooth that is more prone to being chipped because of a cavity.  Decay can weaken the tooth structure, causing you to chip a tooth when you bite into something hard, or easily chip a tooth due to any pressure.  If you have chipped a tooth, you should make an appointment with a dentist right away.  Our Cary dental office excels at getting you in quickly to be seen by a skilled dentist who is an expert in dental emergencies and chipped teeth.

Zen Triangle Dentistry can provide you with multiple options to repair the chipped tooth, including dental bonding, restorations and veneers.  If you have suffered only a minor chip in your tooth enamel, your chipped tooth could possibly be fixed in one visit by reshaping and polishing the surface of the tooth.  Dental bonding may be able to replace the fractured tooth if you have the piece of tooth which has been lost.  The dentist could otherwise use a composite resin and dental bonding to restore the chipped tooth.   Tooth colored resins called composites are a more affordable option.  Porcelain veneers are possibly the most aesthetically pleasing option to repair a chipped tooth.

In the most severe cases, where a nerve has been exposed as a result of the trauma, you may be experiencing sensitivity to hot and cold, and intense pain.  This situation could necessitate a root canal to remove damaged pulp from the tooth. Regardless of which option you choose, Zen Triangle Dentistry will ensure that you are well-informed when you make your decision, and that the results are beautiful.