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Crowns and Bridges in Cary

by | Oct 13, 2019 | Blog

Do I need a Porcelain Crown? Porcelain crowns allow you to restructure a damaged tooth and can create a natural looking tooth that has an even better appearance than the original. They retain the functionality of a natural tooth, because they are very sturdy as well as attractive.  They restore cracked and damaged teeth, and remain an excellent option if you have cracked or damaged a tooth due to an accident, or your enamel and tooth is badly decayed.  Porcelain crowns may be used to cover existing implants or onto the original tooth structure.  They strengthen the tooth, while also creating a beautiful symmetrical look.  They are the same color as your natural teeth, so they blend in beautifully.

Cary Partials or Partial Crowns Similarly, partial crowns are another service our Cary cosmetic dentist can provide.  A partial crown will be a cosmetic improvement to your smile, but are a more conservative alternative to the typical porcelain crown.  It is an onlay that sits on top of the tooth, covering only the part of the tooth that has broken or chipped.   What is a bridge?  Is it the same as a porcelain bridge? A bridge, also known as a porcelain bridge, is one avenue that you may pursue when trying to find a solution for a missing tooth, or a tooth that you lost through an accident.

Your dentist may have chosen to do a tooth extraction on a badly damaged tooth, and now you have a gap in your smile.  To aesthetically improve the look of your smile, as well the function of your teeth, you may opt to have your Cary dentist use a porcelain bridge.  A porcelain bridge has advantages over dental implants.  Bridges are a cost-conscious way to replace a missing tooth.

Dental bridges are less invasive and less expensive than dental implants.  Bridges do not require a metal structure below the tooth.  In all, there are many advantages to having your family dentist use a bridge to replace a missing or broken tooth.